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Application Procedure


Apart from the completed online application form, the following items/documents should also be attached and submitted along with the Online Application Form.

  • An authorised e-signature.

  • A copy of the Business Registration Certificate of the entrant or equivalent supporting document.

  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the entrant or equivalent supporting document.

  • A copy of at least 3-months in live operation proof of the submitted entry (e.g., delivery note to customer, invoice, public announcement, advertisement, internal announcement, update record of applications etc.)

  • Additional supplementary information (if any).​

Entrants shall receive a notification email automatically generated by the system upon submitting the Online Application Form.

The ICT Startup Award Secretariat Office will officially send a confirmation email along with an Application Reference Number to the email of the contact person(s) to confirm the application
within 2 working days.

If entrants have submitted the Online Application Form but did not receive the official confirmation letter within 2 working days after the submission, please immediately contact the
Secretariat Office at 2989 9164 to confirm the submission.​

Online Application form

Fill out AND Submit the Online Application Form:


Download the Online Application Guidelines


Application Prospectus

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